Construction logistics

Logistics in construction

Your construction project delivered just in time

Tight construction sites, shorter lead times of construction projects, tougher budgets and less manpower. The construction world is changing. This requires smart logistic solutions, so you can build faster, more efficient and more sustainable.

By considering logistics as an integral part of your construction process, you can earn a lot of profit. As an experienced and innovative logistic service provider, Pultrum has the knowledge to help you out.

Construction logistics from A to Z
  • Delivery
  • Assembly
  • Waste


Your goods and building materials are stored in our heated warehouse (8,000 m²) or in our outdoor storage area (10,000 m²). This ensures less storage at your construction site. Not only practical but also safe: it prevents damage and theft.

Construction logistics

Just in time delivery

Pultrum assures you that the supply of your building materials will take place without any obstacles or delays. Your materials will always be delivered just in time.

Project: Steel transport

Exceptional transport

We regularly carry steel transport for our customers. This varies from long beams for the construction of a large business hall to complete constructions which are delivered using accompaniment transport.