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Pultrum, your expert in logistics

Logistic care from A to Z

Pultrum is a versatile carrier with years of experience in national and international transport, exceptional transport and construction logistics. Whatever your logistic issue is, as a powerful partner we always offer you an appropriate and innovative solution.

With our dedicated people, modern fleet, our excellent service and smart automation, we unburden you completely. Flexibility, transparency and a high quality are our greatest paramounts. With Pultrum you can focus on what is really important to you: your core business.

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From order to delivery
  • Planning
  • Storage and transhipment
  • Transport

Logistics concept

Logistic solutions ask for a well structured approach. A logistic concept that incorporates all your wishes is very important. Because of our thorough preparation, Pultrum ensures that your goods are deliverd at the right location as efficiently as possible.

Why choose Pultrum?

You are our number one priority

We are a proactive partner who always puts your needs first. We want to get to know your organization and your products. This is the only way we can offer you a tailored logistic solution which exceeds your expectations.

Our people make the difference

Our employees are passionate about providing the highest standards of professionalism. They are our main added value. They have a can do attitude which ensures we respond quickly to our customers' needs and requirements. Hard work, top-notch.

Quality is in our DNA

Our quality is of utmost importance. We offer a reliable and dedicated service and prompt responses to requirements. This way we can also add value for your organization.

We invest in a good future

Automation, sustainability and smart communication. These subjects are constantly on Pultrums agenda. We would rather innovate than go after the masses. We investe, you reap the benefits.

Sustainable logistics services

We actively try to make our logistics process more sustainable. In 2016, Pultrum was rewarded with the Lean and Green Star. This Star is awarded to companies that are leading in reducing their CO2 emissions.

The fact that quality for us is always top-of-mind, is underlined by the quality mark Transport & Logistics (Specialization Building Material Transport).

2016 246.738 gr CO2
2015 227.163 gr CO2
2014 204.546 gr CO2
2013 197.654 gr CO2
2012 201.195 gr CO2